Art + Activism

-Robert Rauschenberg.

Sheri Alimonda is a fine artist creating an epic 7 foot by 5 foot oil painting that shows life in America from the murder of George Floyd to the Jan. 6th Insurrection.

A painting so intense, we stop and recoil...

..forcing people to contemplate their own choices, actions, and experiences.

Since her work is so photo-realistic, the viewer is able to Google Reverse Image each area to link to original news reports and videos, 

..prompting investigations, debates and discussions-not just now, but generations to come 

What can you do to help?

1. This is a grassroots project, funding starts at $7 and comes with the title "Patron of the Arts."
2. Help spread the word around, and your $7 grows fast
3. Purchase or commission art-every penny goes towards this project.
4. Stay vigilant and vote!
5. Fight racism, hate, fascism however you can. Be a role model.
6. Midterms are less than a year away. Become involved in any way you can. 
7. Use YOUR superpower to help. Mine happens to be art. What's yours?

Here is how we stop fascism with a paintbrush.

Become a Patron of the Arts today!