Cultural Talks
Cultural Talks

Cultural Talks

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Enjoy a fascinating lecture series on the arts

"A charismatic and passionate speaker" 

Art Lectures 

"Why Does the Mona Lisa Smile?"
The Secret Behind the Painting
Picasso- 26 Names You'll Never Forget
Kick Up Your Heels with Toulouse Lautrec
From Apprentice to Master, da Vinci
Meet the Masters
and many more!

Social Awareness Presentations

How to Teach Your Child the Love of Art
"Don't Pick on Me" Anti-Bullying as a Community
Did They Really Dress Like That? (Self-esteem)
Creating Confidence Through Art

Past Events and Performances:

Sixth Star Entertainment
Royal Caribbean Cruises
Celebrity Cruise Lines
Orient European Cruises
MGM Grand Las Vegas
Museum of TV and Radio Beverly Hills
TV: Good Day NY
Across the Hudson
Dorothy Dunne Lifestyle Show
Pilot Series: In Her Shoes