"Two Baroque Girls"
"Two Baroque Girls"
"Two Baroque Girls"
"Two Baroque Girls"
"Two Baroque Girls"
"Two Baroque Girls"

"Two Baroque Girls"

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The secret to this painting lies within its name.

We see two friends just coming in after a night out.
It's the baroque time period, and the girls are pondering their futures.
Note the detail in this painting:
The girl in the yellow has her shoes cast off, the satin doesn't really match the yellow chiffon of her dress..her shoes are worn and the ribbons are being pawed at by the tiny kitten under the bed.
detail from Two Baroque Girls
Her hair..she did herself. It's her room we're in, you can tell she's relaxed at home. The pillows have a rip, and while beautifully furnished, the place is getting a bit shabby and out of style.
the candle and flowers represent passion
We wonder...have her circumstances changed?
The girl in the blue had her maid do her hair.
Her dress is new, and she is bubbling with excitement for her friend.

Her hand on her friend's knee, we can almost hear her saying,
"he has so much money you'll never have to worry again!"
notice the subtle details in the hair

As we look at the thoughtful expression on her face...
"Yes, but at some point, I'll have to kiss him..."
The Name of the painting?

"Two Baroque (Broke) Girls"